Brian Evenson selected my story, “If I Could Have Anything, I’d Only Choose This” as the winner of their Fall Fiction Contest. This is what he said about it.

Here is the New Pages review of my story “The Logic of Imaginary Friends,” which was selected by Tony Early as the winner of the Crazyhorse Fiction Prize:

Alissa Nutting selected my story, “The Twins” for the Black Warrior Review Prose Content. Here’s what she said about it: “’The Twins’ is a tour de force that delights in even its most macabre scenes–the surprises keep unfolding till the very end. It’s brilliant, complex, multifaceted…what a darkly charming piece of fabulism, what an unlimited treasure trove of metaphor. All the while, it still manages true empathy. I truly might read this story once a week for the rest of my life.”